Healthy baking substitutions

Healthy baking substitutions

There are many ingredients you can use for creating a healthy dessert. You just need helping in finding that ingredient to creating healthy dessert recipes On this website the author has listed many healthy recipes for delicious desserts. However this website is new and constantly being updated so he may not have listed your favorite dessert yet, and he is trying. To list every possible recipe he can find. For now what if you have a recipe and you want to know how to make it healthier. No problem.

The author has listed below all the Healthy baking substitutions you will need in creating the perfect healthy dessert recipe.

First you will need to know what are the unhealthy components of desserts. The unhealthy components are sugar, butter, and flour. Now all these are not bad in moderation unless you are allergic to gluten, are diabetic, and suffer from high cholestrol. The author is sure there are many other diseases and ailments, however he is no MD and this is not a webpage for sicknesses. This is a fun web page to teach you how to cook healhy desserts, and creat your own healthy dessert recipes. So with out wasting any more of your time..

First what are some Healthy baking substitutions for flour?

Almond Flour– Baking with almond flour requires using more eggs to
provide more structure. Use it in cakes, cookies, and other sweet baked

Amaranth flour – Amaranth seeds are very high in protein, which makes a
nutritious flour for baking.

Arrowroot flour – Arrowroot flour is very useful for thickening recipes.

Brown rice flour – Brown rice flour contains the bran of the brown rice
it has a higher fiber content, this makes it a bit grainy.

Buckwheat flour – Do not use this on it own, it has a very nutty and can
be bitter.

Chick pea flour – is another over powering flour that should not be used
on its own.

Chia flour – Chia seeds are very nutritious and is also a super food.

Coconut flour – when using this flour you will need to add more liquid.
The other benefit to using coconut flour is the coconut is high in fiber
and is naturally sweet reducing the need of sugar or sweetening agents.

Corn flour – corn flour works well when mixed with other flours. It is
also wheat gluten free. This flour is used when making batters that are

Potato flour – potato flour is used in baking breads. This bread adds
moisture and smoothness in gluten free baking

other substitutes are Quinoa flour, potato starch flour, maize flour,
hemp flour, millet flour, rye flour, oat flour, sorghum flour, tapioca
flour, and xantham gum.

The key to using Healthy baking substitutions is trial and error. Knowing what flour substitute works best with the recipe you choose.

For a gluten free recipe
1 cup Rice flour
1/2 cup Tapioca flour
1/2 cup potato flour
3/4 cup sorghum flour

Mix these flour in a container and use as a flour substitute equal to the amount of flour needed in recipe. Do not use egg replacers (does not come out as good) in this flour mix, use eggs.

Healthy baking substitutions for sugar

If you are cooking desserts you need that sweetness right? Yes you do or it would not be dessert. For that healthy dessert try replacing that sugar with something healthy but as equally sweet.

Molasses – the most nutrient rich of all sweeteners, providing a
significant amount of calcium, iron, magnesium, potassium and vitamin B6.

Dates – contain vitamin B6, vitamin A, potassium and calcium

Honey – antibacterial properties, antioxidants, the darker the honey the
higher the antioxidants.

Maple syrup – the real stuff, not the maple syrup flavor. Real maple
syrup contains calcium, zinc, and riboflavin.

Stevia – 100 times sweeter than sugar, calorie free, and is a safe sugar

Healthy baking substitutions for Butter

I know some recipes need butter without going into chemistry but how about that Healthy baking substitutions.

Applesauce – either use half apple sauce and half butter, to cut back, or
use all apple sauce. If you replace all the butter with apple sauce you
will have a denser and moister bread.

Avocado – replace half the butter with mashed avocado. Avocado will lower
calories nad creat a softer chewier baked good.

Earth Balance – replace all butter with this. Earth balance will reduce
fats and cholestrol.

Greek yogurt – replace half the butter with plain greek yogurt, full fat.
If you prefer use more greek yogurt and less butter. The taste will be
your preference.

Prune puree – replace all butter in the recipe with prune puree. It is
low fat and low calorie and will even help you stay regular.

This is just a small list of Healthy baking substitutions  for your healthy dessert recipes. The key is just try it and see what works and what taste good. You never know, the substitutes may make your desserts taste even better with a side of healthiness.

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